1963 Monte Carlo Rally Plate From Bo Ljungfeldt’s Ford Falcon

This week I took delivery of a 1963 Monte Carlo Rally plate that I recently purchased.  The plate is the actual rally plate that was on the hood of the 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint that was entered by the Ford Motor Company.  The 1963 Falcon Sprint was an early Ford small car fitted with their small block V8 engine.  These were in the days before the Mustang was available.  For 1963, the Ford Falcon V8 engine displaced 260 cubic inches.  The Falcon with rally plate number 233 was driven by the Sweden’s Bo Ljungfeldt.

My New 1963 Monte Carlo Plate From The Number 223 Ford Falcon 

This plate had been hanging on a wall in Maryland since the early 1980s.  The previous owner bought it in an antiques shop in Maryland in the early 1980s.  It is not known how the rally plate got to Maryland before that time.  I…

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Ford Celebrated Falcon Performance At The 1963 Monte Carlo Rally

Earlier this week I posted on this website that I had acquired the rally plate that was on the 1963 Ford Falcon driven by Bo Ljungfeldt that took part in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally.  Since then I have been contacted by several people about the performance of the Ford Falcon at the Monte Carlo Rally.  In 1963, the Ford Motor Company even used the results from the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally in their advertising.

The following four-page Ford advertisement came from a very informative organization – the Automotive History Preservation Society.




In addition to that advertisement, Ford also had a more stylized advertisement shown below.  The advertisement shows a fully optioned Ford Falcon Sprint which looked nothing like the Ford Falcon Sprint that competed in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally.  Note that the scene implies that this was the actual rally car on roads typical of…

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World’s Biggest Barn Find has Almost 400 Classic Cars For Sale! – by Jesse Kleib at Speed Society

Possibly the biggest barn find collection ever is up for sale, see the article from Jesse Kleib at Speed Society here

See the collection below on YouTube

Janesville, once GM’s oldest operating plant, to be demolished a year short of its centennial

Another historic GM plant is to be reduced to rubble, in this case it’s the Janesville Wisconsin plant one year short of its 100th anniversary.

Read about the history of the plans in the article from Daniel Strohl at Hemmings here

It would be interesting  to try and guess the year this photo was taken based on the gentleman’s attire?


Repairs to shutter National Automotive History Collection for six months

The National Automotive History Collection in Detroit has suffered some water damage from a burst pipe back in January, hopefully this has not caused too much damage to the inventory as the collection is a major source of automotive research.

Article from the Detroit Free Press here

A further article from the Detroit Free Press can be found here

Quote below

“The pipe burst on the third floor, where some NAHC materials are stored. The only damage to the collection was secondary materials, such as books and magazines. They are being dried by a recovery company. The library hopes they can all be saved.”


The Cobra successor that never was, Shelby’s Lone Star, makes its concours debut at Amelia Island – Hemmings (Kurt Ernst)


The one and only Cobra III later known as the Lone Star will be displayed at a concours for the first time at Amelia Island this year (2018)

Reads Kurt Ernst’s article here at Hemmings 

Some more background on the car can be found on The Cobra-Ferrari Wars website



Edsel’s masterpiece – designed by Edsel Ford, crafted by Karosserie Deutsch

Edsel Ford’s restyled 34 Ford was a team effort, designed by Edsel, Coachwork in Germany, Interior from Detroit.

Edsel christened the car “Luxus” German for luxury.

Read the rest of Richard Lentinello’s article at Hemmings

Vital Signs from ArcLite Fab & Gas Monkey Collaboration – Brian Bass

Really nice to camera piece from ArcLite Fab in which Brian discusses his approach and Hot Rod philosophy.

As a bonus I’ve also added the Gas Monkey  piece to camera with Brian during his recent Hot Rod build collaboration which was featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine


1987 Ford Ranger Survivor Ranger XLT with Low Mileage and Immaculate Condition, One Owner

I don’t often post stuff from eBay, but I was sorely tempted by this one I have to say!


Here is the listing

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Having previously owned a US Spec Ranger the bug lurks near the surface