Crossing the Channel – Replacing 1929 Model A Ford Window Channels

I’ve been meaning to sort out the perished windows channels on the Model A, so I headed over to John Cochran’s for some expert assistance.

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Once we had removed the door trims it was very interesting to find the details from the trim manufacturer from 20 years ago! I may research the detail to see if I can get a bead on who owned the car back then. I’ve tried writing to the owner listed on the title but sadly got no reply.

It was great to drive home with slightly less rattles thanks to John!

Shiny, Shiney

Gave the A a bit of a wash and brush up after the indignity of the recovery truck a few weeks back.

Zymol, Meguiars, Autoglym
Shiny, Shiny Model A

Wash and dry, Zymol Wax Prep, Meguiars Wax and Autoglym Fast Glass

The History of Ford’s Iconic Flathead V8 – Ashley Webb – The Motorhood

Interesting Flathead V8 article from Ashley good historic content and a timeline of Henry’s icon!

The History of the Ford Flathead V8
The History of the Ford Flathead V8

As you know I try to gather as much Flattie stuff here as possible, read Ashley’s article here

The American Dream Project – Film Series Netflix

The American Dream Project
The American Dream Project

In this original, authentic and beautifully filmed series, we see James an adventurous Englishman and his pal Todd, an American photographer, embark on the ride of their lives. As they travel from coast to coast on their motorbikes, these two friends are determined to prove that the American Dream is not only still alive, but thriving.

Inspired to show the flipside to the negativity Americans encounter every day, James and Todd plot their route with the help of people they meet on social media. But with only $250.00 each, James and Todd must earn their keep. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, we bear witness to the hardships and successes of real everyday people. While experiencing the grit, determination and optimism across the US, James and Todd document and showcase that The American Dream resides within all of us.

In partnership with Cole Haan, this series aims to unearth the goodness in the United States. We discover what it means to truly view life and all its idiosyncrasies through the American lens.

Interview with Keith Clements of the Jowett Car Club for Americas Web Radio

My interview with Keith Clements, who is the current Competition Secretary, Webmaster and former Chairman of The Jowett Car Club can be found Here. It’s a great listen!

Keith has owned his Jowett Jupiter since 1969 and has competed in 27 countries with the vehicle over the years.

Keith has also made major trips in Jowetts across the USA, Artic Circle, and the east and west coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

In addition he has toured the North and South of Islands of New Zealand again in a Jowett.

Keith also helps to organise the fleet of Jowetts that act as the taxi fleet for the Goodwood Revival.

On the club side of things Keith has been a major part of the team that has been a three times best stand winner at the Practical Classics Restoration Show.

In 2012 Keith was voted Classics and Sports Car Club Personality of the Year

The club won the Club of the Year in 2013

Keeping things in the family Keith’s daughter won the Classic Car of the Year in her own self restored Jowett Jupiter in 2010.

The club website is Here

Audio also here


Traditional Hot Rod How-To: Making the Right Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A – Hot Rod Deluxe – Scotty Lachenauer

Here’s the next article in the 

Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A
Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A

Read on here


Building a Four-Banger Model A Motor for Street and Race – Hot Rod Deluxe – Scotty Lachenauer

This is what I’d love to do for my Model A at sometime in the future (if I win the lottery 🙂

Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build
Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build

Scotty Lachenauer is following the build of a hopped up roadster for TROG

This episode covers the build of a four banger for the project, the article is here


Art of the design – Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental Terry Shea Hemmings

Frank Lloyd Wright's 1940 Lincoln Continental
Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental

Frank Lloyd Wright as everyone knows was a storied architect as everyone knows, what might not be commonly known was Frank’s love of cars, especially customised ones such as the 1940 Lincoln featured in the interesting article from Terry Shea on the Hemmings Daily that can be found here

Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental