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Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings have a number of top class publications, classifieds and an excellent blog.

You can find all the details here

The Muscle Car Place

The Muscle Car Place is a website run by Robert Kibbe, and is a great one stop shop for all things Muscle Car.

Robert also has a Podcast network including my favourite, The Muscle Car Place Podcast.

Robert is also involved in a number of other Podcasts such as The, and the upcoming “Cars for a Living

An inspiring guy!

Robert’ s Podcast can also be found here 

Hotrod Magazine

Hotrod Magazine as everyone knows has been around for many years, (even when I was young:))

These days they have a great web and YouTube presence and here’s a trailer

The Website can be found here

The Rods ‘n’  Sods Website can be found here  this is the best UK site for the Hot Rod hobby IMHO