Wiper Motor Woes


I’ve been unable to locate the overhaul kits for the two vacuum wiper motors that were installed on the Model A. Suffice to say that neither of them work. During my research I’ve also found that most likely the car should only have had one motor installed from the factory. I’ve contacted Rob at Ficken Wiper Service in the States, he’s advised that one of the motors isn’t worth repairing due to it’s age. He has also asked me to clean up the numbers on the second motor to check for date of manufacture. You can see a row of numbers in the picture below: “34 36 38 43” The 43 is the most important number, as it signifies that the motor was manufactured in 1943 making it more likely to be repairable due to its construction. so I’ve mailed the pictures to Rob and hopefully he can assist. This will mean shipping the motor to the States for repair. Lets see what response I get?

part numbers

Trico Vacuum Wiper

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