In the UK we call it a “sump” in the US it’s called an “oil pan” whatever you want to call it I removed it today to give it a clean out. It’s not as sludged up as I feared it might be especially as the oil looked horrendous as I was draining it out. Another added bonus was the lack of any noticeable metal filings in the drain bowl. As most people know the Model A Ford has a pump assisted splash engine lubrication system for want of a better description, plus the Model A was born in the days before detergent oils meaning that the sludge would build up in the engine over time causing a lack of lubrication and probable engine damage. My oil pan has about 2 inches of sludge in the the bottom of the pan, plus some residual sludge in the crankcase. With the oil pan removed you can get a view of the crank &  cam shafts, which is of particular interest as I have a bit of an engine knock on cold start. Hopefully we are not looking at mains or big ends as the has babbitt style bearings. Next steps will be clean the pan & crankcase before removing all the old gasket material prior to refitting the pan. For part of the job I used a Ford spanner given to me by my Dad about 35 years ago!