Lenny’s Garage – Great Film from Peter Crosby


by Jeff Scherer  From Explore Brooklyn

Watch the film here on Vimeo


Peter Crosby is the Brooklyn filmmaker behind such documentary shorts as Friends of Firefighters (featuring Steve Buscemi) and the award-winning The Oyster Men. His latest film, “Lenny’s Garage,” is a profile of Leonard Shiller, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn who has a Gowanus garage full of 58 classic cars, vintage bikes and motorcycles, and other memorabilia.

The gorgeously photographed film is a rare opportunity to peek inside his garage, the former home of the California Pie Company. His classic car collection includes a 1929 Durant rumble-seat coupe, a 1951 Hudson Pacemaker, a 1979 New York City checker cab and a 1965 Ford Good Humor Ice Cream truck. This isn’t the Smithsonian, though — Schiller keeps the garage jam-packed with car parts and likes to get his hands dirty.

“What I really enjoy is being here and figuring what’s wrong with one of the cars, and actually being able to fix it with my own hands,” he says. “When I had the ’36 Chevy I actually took the whole engine apart and rebuilt it, and I enjoy that kind of work. I find it therapeutic.”

Schiller is the president of the Antique Auto Association of Brooklyn, a club that often participates in local street fairs and parades. “Lenny’s Garage” was chosen as a Staff Pick by Vimeo

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