The American Dream Project – Film Series Netflix

The American Dream Project

In this original, authentic and beautifully filmed series, we see James an adventurous Englishman and his pal Todd, an American photographer, embark on the ride of their lives. As they travel from coast to coast on their motorbikes, these two friends are determined to prove that the American Dream is not only still alive, but thriving.

Inspired to show the flipside to the negativity Americans encounter every day, James and Todd plot their route with the help of people they meet on social media. But with only $250.00 each, James and Todd must earn their keep. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, we bear witness to the hardships and successes of real everyday people. While experiencing the grit, determination and optimism across the US, James and Todd document and showcase that The American Dream resides within all of us.

In partnership with Cole Haan, this series aims to unearth the goodness in the United States. We discover what it means to truly view life and all its idiosyncrasies through the American lens.

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