Goodwood Revival 2017 Wet Friday!


Attended the 2017 Goodwood Revival and as everyone knows this a very diverse event.

That taken into account, American vehicle and Americana were well represented down to a Gasoline Alley bar outdoor bar complete with moonshine running Hot Rods!

Plus the sound of the GT40 flat out down the main straight is hard to top.


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4 thoughts on “Goodwood Revival 2017 Wet Friday!

  1. I am searching for an email address for Jim Donnelly, hoping for permission to use a few excerpts from the information posted in the Hemmings Harry Jewett article from August 2008. My 92-year-young dad and I are completing a book about his life, which includes a ‘1923 Jewett’ that Harry Jewett gifted to his cousin, George Jewett (my Dad’s great-grandfather) in 1923…and driven by George and his chauffeur until George’s death in 1934! Thank you in advance for a response.

  2. Many thanks. Not on LinkedIn, so will try to call Dave N at Hemmings for assistance (no phone number is ever shown for Hemmings, so I appreciate having a place to start).

    1. Hi Jennifer did you have any luck contacting Jim?



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