New Rims for the S10 Xtreme 

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I have never liked the rims that were on my S10 Xtreme when I bought it. The main worry was the offset of the wheels needing large wheel spacers. Just getting the wheel stud extensions off the original wheel studs was a challenge in itself. I think the Silver Rallye Wheels look a lot better. I have some baby moon caps to fit but they are a bit of a loose fit and will need adjustment

Spec is as follows :
15×8 Silver Rallye and 235/60×15 Galaxy RWL on the front

15×10 Silver Rallye and 275/60×15 Galaxy RWL on the rear

I wanted to have as much wheel and tyre as possible without spacers.

Thanks to North Hants Tyres

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      1. Can you tell me the offset on your wheels ? front & rear. Nice looking truck. Thanks

      2. Hi

        I gave the tyre supplier the following info and he matched them to the truck

        Stud pattern – 5×4.75
        Studs – M12x1.5mm

        Centre bore = 70.3mm

        PCD 5×120.65
        Tyre/Rim Sizes
        205/75R15 on 7Jx15 ET13
        235/55R16 on 8Jx16 ET6.4

        Hope this helps?

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