Easy A – 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster – David Conwill at Hemmings


The 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster provided classic Model A fun with modern safety and accessibility

A good overview of the Shay by David Conwill of Hemmings here.

I nearly bought a Shay but ended up with the real thing, I’m glad when you see them next to each other you can see the real deal is better as I did at Volo. you can read the post here

A v Shay

Don’t get me wrong I think they have their place and are a good fun option.

Some more on Shay and the replica car movement here


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  1. We don’t know where’s the beef, but here’s the car - Larry Edsall @ClassicCars.com – Automotive American

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