Additional Photos From The Day 1 Great American Mountain Rally Revival Recce – Reblog from Steve McKelvie

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There are three additional photos that I want to share from the recce that Gary Hamilton & I did for Day 1 of the Great American Mountain Rally Revival.  We saw a number of interesting things during our recce and we did not stop to take pictures of them all or we would never have got anything done.  But I have included three additional photos in this post.

This Certainly Caught Our Eye

The above photo shows what I think is the front end of a 1953 or 1954 Chevy.  You don’t see cars parked like that very often.

What’s A New England Car Rally Without A Covered Bridge!

We will be passing through this covered bridge and there will be no “Pause 30” written into the General Requirements. (Only former Covered Bridge Rally competitors will understand that comment.)


The Words On The Side Of The Barn Were Written…

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