The Magic Tree car air freshener – now more commonly known as the LITTLE TREES air freshener – has become a motoring icon. Invented in 1952, there are now over 60 different varieties available.


Julius Sämann is credited with the invention of the Christmas tree air freshener in Watertown, N.Y. But the story of how it all came about is rather interesting.

Being a chemist, the Canadian-born Sämann spent an extensive amount of time extracting oils from Canada’s evergreen tress. He applied this knowledge when speaking with a milk-truck driver about the noxious scent of spilled dairy in the cab. Anything is better than a build-up of spoiled milk.

Sämann patented the freshener, cellophane bag and string and was off to the races with his unique invention. The shape itself was inspired by the trees in forests of Canada.

While the shape remains the tree – heck the name says it all – the scent list is constantly changing to meet the demands of the market.