After a long  period of prevarication and with some help I finally got around to getting the cowl windlacing sorted out, it’s one of the jobs that you always mean to get done but never do!

As you can see the old stuff was either missing or in bad shape

Removed the old windlacing and cleaned the edge of the cowl, including the removal of the wire tightening hook in the centre.

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After cutting the lacing into four correctly sized pieces, the top part of the lacing is secured by passing a wire through the centre and securing it at the bottom of the cowl on both sides. The wire is tensioned by the hook in the centre of the cowl. Along with the new lacing and wire, the hook was also replaced. Once the top part is in place the side lacing is prepared for fitting by creating the holes for the securing rivets. We used a bradawl and a drill bit. The rivets were then crimped with pliers. Once all was in place the hood was refitted.