Jeep Builds a Muscle Car – 1970 XJ-001 The awesome XJ-001 – Pat Foster @Hemmings

Well this one was a realk surprise for me and I have to say I kind of like it for it’s weirdness.


The Jeep XJ-001 was a one off styling exercise from 1970

The reason we call it a Jeep muscle car is because, although it was built on the small CJ-5 chassis-which at the time offered only a V-6 as its biggest engine-the Jeep concept sportster was going to be motivated by good old American V-8 muscle. And not the V-8 that later was available in CJs. No, this special Jeep was motivated by a gutsy and powerful AMC V-8. Talk about absolute power! The choice of an AMC V-8 was not all that unusual because Jeep had been buying V-8 engines from American Motors since 1964.

Read Pat Fosters story of the XJ-001 here at Hemmings



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