Brown Sugar: Tim Essick’s Immaculate Homebuilt Hot Rod Is Setting Records – Jason Reiss @FrontStreet

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Brown sugar is typically used for baking cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats, but in the case of Tim Essick, Brown Sugar is the 2018 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang he uses to bake the competition. In the six short months since its debut on the track, Essick has gone on to claim the quickest-ever elapsed time in the class on a true slick tire, which is an impressive feat. The most extraordinary thing about this car, though, is the fact that it was built from front to back in Essick’s three-car garage shop outside his house in Maryland. There wasn’t a big check stroked to <insert high-dollar chassis shop name here> or a second mortgage taken out to pay for an engine at <insert big-dollar engine shop name here>… no, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite.


Read the rest of Jason’s article and excellent photography of Essick’s remarkable  Hot Rod here



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