Lowest Mileage Buick Grand National In Existence? – Jesse Mortensen @BarnFinds.com


Amazing Buick Grand National with just 26 miles on the odometer!

Here’s the story in Michael’s own words:

My story is similar to the previous ones. A very close friend of mine bought two of these new. He put one into storage and drove the other for over 110,000 miles before selling it. After about five years of asking him to sell me the unused car, he reluctantly gave in. All services have been done regularly along with the precautions to preserve the gas tank as well. I have all hubcaps, never installed and still in the box. There are also hundreds of magazines and booklets along with artwork he purchased at the time of purchase. Multiple limited edition Peach State Muscle Car limited edition die-cast cars. Pretty amazing what he accumulated over the years and none of it has been opened. This car brings back many memories for me. Glad to hear people still enjoy these types of stories after reading some of the comments on the previously featured cars. Thank you for listening!

Read Michael F’s story here on Barn Finds


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