Excellent video from Wheelhouse on YouTube on the early Detroit rivalry between Henry Ford and the Dodge Brothers Horace and John.


The full story of the case can be found here at Wikipedia

Dodge v. Ford Motor Company
Court Michigan Supreme Court
Full case name John F. Dodge and Horace E. Dodge v. Ford Motor Company et al
Decided February 7, 1919
Citation(s) 204 Mich. 459, 170 N.W. 668 (Mich. 1919)
Court membership
Judges sitting Chief Justice John E. Bird, Justices Flavius L. BrookeGrant FellowsFrank C. KuhnJoseph B. MooreRussell C. OstranderJoseph H. SteereJohn W. Stone
Case opinions
Decision by Ostrander
Concur/dissent Moore


Dodge v. Ford Motor Company, 204 Mich. 459, 170 N.W. 668 (Mich. 1919)[1] is a case in which the Michigan Supreme Court held that Henry Ford had to operate the Ford Motor Company in the interests of its shareholders, rather than in a charitable manner for the benefit of his employees or customers. It is often cited as affirming the principle of “shareholder primacy” in corporate America. At the same time, the case affirmed the business judgment rule, leaving Ford an extremely wide latitude about how to run the company.