The 1969 Mustang E: A Very Rare Mustang – Reblog from Steve McKelvie

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Really interesting article on the Mustang E reblogged from Steve McKelvie


Recently I was contacted by Tim Wise who told me about a car that he has – a 1969 Mustang E.  This is a car that I have never heard of.  Apparently it was built by Ford specifically to compete in the Mobilgas Economy Run.  In the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s the Mobilgas Economy Run was a popular and widely publicized motoring event.  Also in the late 1960s there was the beginning of concern over fuel consumption by automobiles.

Tim Wise’s 1969 Mustang E

From a styling point of view, the Mustang E looks like the standard 1969 Mustang except for the “Mustang E” decal on the rear quarter panels. Tim’s car was very well restored by him and his wife over a four year period.  The Mustang E was a basic Mustang as demonstrated that air conditioning was not an option with the Mustang E because air conditioning decreases gas…

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