Flathead Ford V8 Deluxe coupe restored to factory specs – Bob Golfen @Classiccars.com Journal

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Here’s an attractive example of how traveling salesmen once visited their clients!

Flatheads forever!  Those of a certain age should remember that hot rod rallying cry from gearheads who anachronistically embraced Ford’s iconic side-valve V8s over the newfangled OHV engines.  Yes, that was a long time ago. Although, many purists still run performance-tweaked “flatties” in their vintage rods.



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  1. Ford offered a six-cylinder engine in the Model K, prior to the Model T. But Henry Ford hated Chevrolet’s six-cylinder and refused for years to offer a six as an alternative to the V-8, despite objections from his son Edsel, Chief Engineer Larry Sheldrake and Ford dealers nationwide. Ford even experimented with an odd flathead in-line 5-cylinder, but the engine vibrated excessively, so it never went into production. The 136-cid V-8/60 was a rare option in 1940, but the car was simply too heavy for that alternative. Ford finally offered a 226-cid flathead six in 1941. This car looks quite nice — the faux wood-painted metal dash is correct for 1939. But that steering wheel is not. DeLuxe Fords were equipped with a handsome, 3-spoke ‘banjo’ wheel. They are available today in reproduction form if you can’t find an original. That looks like a nice car for the money.

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