The question

I have a 1989 Mustang that I have owned since it was two years old. I have used it for everything from transportation to Solo II racing to bracket racing. A few years ago, the engine blew up at a drifting event. The car sat for a while, then I rebuilt the engine from leftover parts and parts I found by keeping a close eye on eBay and at swap meets. I then drove it regularly back and forth to work. My daughters that have been driving for a few years have shown interest in the car (they can drive a stick, unlike other teenagers). We started to take the car to autocross and cruises. We had plans this summer to set it up for the 130- and 150-mph club at the salt flats. Abby was going to try the 130 and I was going for the 150. Last winter, one day driving home, the car developed a big noise in the engine. It sounded like the flywheel was rubbing. Crankshaft endplay was OK. I think what happened is the machinist added weight to the flywheel to make up for the lightweight pistons. It may have came out, is my guess. What do you think?

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