JUNKYARD TREASURE: 1987 MERKUR XR4TI – Murliee Martin @Autoweek

The Sierra XR4i was very much the poor relation of the Sierra Cosworth in the UK back in the day. The Detroitified version of the German-built Ford Sierra XR4i, now in a Denver junkyard.


North America gave a lukewarm-but-not-inconsequential reception to the European-built Capri and Fiesta during the 1970s, and so Dearborn decided to give another shot to Euro-Fords during the 1980s. The Merkur brand offered two models: the Scorpio luxury sedan (aka Ford Scorpio) and the sporty XR4Ti hatchback (aka Ford Sierra XR4i). I used to see at least a couple of XR4Tis per year, during my junkyard adventures, but the supply appears to have dried up in the last few years. Here’s an amazingly well-preserved ’87, complete with biplane wing, in a Denver self-service wrecking yard.

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