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Good article from The Old Motor on the 1930’s Chevrolet “Knee Action” suspension

Today’s lead image dated to November 6, 1934, by the source, shows either a 1934 or ’35 Chevrolet “Knee-Action” promotional car equipped with it parked in front of the St. Louis Monument located in Forest Park at St. Louis, Missouri.

This form of independent front suspension was developed by Andre DuBonnet, and Chevrolet’s version of it pictured (below) was offered on some 1934-’38 models. It was a very advanced system, although in use it required a considerable amount of maintenance and repair. Overall it was not a success, due to the automaker rushing its version of the system to market without enough development and testing. This in turn led to many of the cars equipped with it being converted to the standard Chevrolet I-beam axle with semi-elliptic springs as used on other models.

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