60 Hp V8 also known as the “V8-60” – Van Pelt Sales

60 Hp V8 also known as the “V8-60” – Van Pelt Sales


Ford came out with the small V8 in 1937 to provide a more fuel efficient and less expensive option to the regular 85hp equipped cars and light commercial vehicles. These engines were obvious by their small size and the 17 Stud heads. Ford also built the 60hp engine for the European market with some modifications. The water pumps are also mounted in a common casting that mounts to the front of the engine and serves as the timing cover and engine mount. In the first year of production, these engines had “tin” sided outer water jackets which were welded onto the cylinder portion of the block. The production of the tin-sided blocks ended in April, 1937. Late 1937 and newer model year vehicles had the newer and more conventional “all cast iron” blocks. 1940 was the final year for the 60hp since the new 90hp six cylinder engine would debut for 1941.

The V8 Sixty was a popular engine for aftermarket applications, particularly in midget race cars in the 1950’s and 60’s. It can also be found in some of today’s custom “big bike” motorcycles. Due to its low horsepower and torque, the engine was not considered very powerful by customers for the passenger cars and light trucks that Ford installed them in. The Ford three speed transmission used with the V860 is unique to that engine and does not interchange with the standard 85 or 95hp flathead V8 engines.

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