Gearshift Tower Overhaul on the Model A Sport Coupe – Part 1

I’ve been meaning to take a look at the gearshift on the Sport Coupe for quite a while as it seem quite loose in neutral and third gear can be be a bit of a crunching affair when engaging unless you are really careful. John Cochran sorted me out a good used gear stick a while back

As you can see the ball on this one is not too worn

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On to removing the shift tower in preparation for taking  over to John’s to be overhauled. Overcame a seized top bolt and then removed quite a bit of sludge from the top of the gearbox and the shift tower. As I had to push the car back into the garage I made a cardboard lid to keep the lidless gearbox clean and fitted it after carefully scraping the old gasket off.

The spring on the shift tower is known as the “spring of death” and is very dangerous to work with without a special tool.

You can find a really good article on the overhaul of the tower by Tom Endy here


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