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I recently became aware of the Motometer Central website as a result of my membership of The Society of Automotive Historians. The site is a wealth of information on the Motometer device which became very popular in the 1920’s with the Boyce variety being the most popular. This device is the father of the temperature gauge amongst other modern condition indicators in motor vehicles.


You can find the a history of  Motometers here


You can find information on the Boyce and other Motometers here on Wikipedia


There is a further site Moto Meter Collector here

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  1. Thank you so much for letting your many site visitors know about my MotometerCentral™.com website! As the collector, archivist, preservationist and researcher I have worked hard to identify, locate, acquire and assemble the world’s most historically significant collection of the earliest automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating gauge-devices as well as the rarest related artifacts. My information clearinghouse, physical & digital collection was formulated so that I could provide a truly accurate historical record on these devices versus the otherwise errant, made up or misinformation of other websites (including the current wikipedia page). This website like your own is an industry courtesy and labor of passion and love. Now that I have found your website I can’t wait to let more people in my auto network know about it.
    Keep building Content and your audience , , , your doing a good thing! ~ Francis G. Clax, Founder MotometerCentral™

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