D&B Quick Point Gap Setter for Model A Ford

The “Quick Point Gap Setter” tool is a very simple way to solve an awkward challenge.


Some may say it’s a lazy way out, but for me it makes the operation so simple it’s a no brainer particulary when out on the road.

point settter


First remove the distributor cap, rotor and the distributor body to gain access to the breaker points. Always
inspect the contacts to see that the surfaces are not burnt or pitted. If replacement of the point arm is required,
refer to Les Andrews’ “Mechanics Handbook” to replace the original style point sets. The newer “Modern”*
point sets are replaceable without removing the distributor cam and upper plate. Once the new arm is in place
and the cam is reattached, set the points using this tool.
1. Loosen the clamp screw on the top of the fixed point block (on original style points), on modern points
loosen point mounting screws.
2. Remove the rubber stopper from the tool and set it aside.
3. Manually open the points sufficiently to slide the Cylinder (the Shell) of the tool over the cam so that the
sleeve covers the cam lobes.
4. Release the move-able point arm so that the rubbing block of the move-able point arm rests on the
outside of the sleeve.
5. Use the thickness gauge that projects from the rubber stopper to gauge the gap between the fixed
contact and the move-able contact.
6. Once you have achieved this setting, tighten the clamp sleeve on the fixed contact (original style), or
modern points tighten the mounting screws, and remove the cylinder from the cam.
7. Place the stop

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