The Nu Minis: LA Style Mini Trucks Are Back! – Pomona Swap Meet (via Daniel Strohl)


When it comes to automotive history, every decade adds it’s own chapter to the story. On Sunday, June 2nd, the Pomona Swap Meet is happy to be showcasing an important part of SoCal’s car culture from the 1980s. That’s right… the Nu Minis Truck Club will be posted up on the Main Aisle in our Classic Car Corral!


The Nu Minis (@NuMinis_SoCal) feature “LA style” mid 80s to early 90s import mini trucks (think Nissan 720s, Mazda B Series trucks, and Toyota SR5s). The Nu Minis only have one chapter, but they’ve got sixteen active members bringing some serious 80s nostalgia wherever they go!

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