Classics at the Clubhouse 2019 Sandford Springs Kingsclere

Classics at the Clubhouse is a mixed classic car show held on the 30th June 2019 and is situated amongst the beautiful trees, lakes and fairways of Sandford Springs Hotel & Golf Club in Hampshire.

Now in it’s third year Classics at the Clubhouse (or CATCH for short) has firmly established it’s self as a ‘go to’ event. The unique venue and relaxed atmosphere all add up to an enjoyable day out for all.

A mix of specially selected shops, food vendors and experiences make up the ‘market place’. From eclectic candy to classic car experiences the market place has something for everyone.

This was a great well organised and show with a relaxed atmosphere, the golf course setting only adding to the enjoyment.

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Very high quality American car contingent as you can see!

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