Kohl’s ‘American Pie’ T-shirt features Ford, not Chevy, by the levee

Posted by Charlville

What are they trying to do? Start a war?!

American department store chain Kohl’s is selling a T-shirt with the potential to anger truck-lovers on both sides of the great Ford-Chevy divide.

On the surface, the ‘Juniors’ American Pie Short Sleeve Crew Neck Americana Tee’ is an innocuous piece of fast fashion: A grey tee with a vintage truck and the words “Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry” printed on it.

Seems like exactly what one might expect to find at a U.S. department store, right?

A closer look at the truck reveals something off about the illustration. Something deeply troubling. It appears as though some monster has inked a ’70s Ford F-150 face onto what appears otherwise to be a mid-’60s Chevrolet.

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