5 MINUTES WITH BARRY MEGUIAR – Ashley Majeski Smissen @FuelCurve


The Meguiar family has been in the car business even before there really was a car business. The company – started by Frank Meguiar Jr. back in 1901 by selling furniture polish that was eventually used on horseless carriages and then automobiles – is now nearly synonymous with car culture, and so is the man currently behind the company, Frank’s grandson, Barry Meguiar.

“I have always been so enamored with our [car care] products and had always dreamed the company could be a lot bigger than it was,”Meguiar said. “I think about 10 percent of the world’s population has a ‘car crazy’ gene. That’s their world, and that’s my world. I’ve been part of it all my life.”


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  1. I met Barry at Sema a couple of years back. 👍👍

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