GM’s original mid-engine sports car, the much-improved, V6-powered Fiero GT – Bob Golfen


The Pick of the Day is a later model of the maligned coupe, when it finally got its act together

Much-improved, V6-powered Fiero GT

The story of the Pontiac Fiero is often told as an example of squandered opportunity, that of a cool-looking mid-engine sports coupe – a first for a U.S. manufacturer – that arrived at the perfect moment but which failed to deliver the goods.


Although there was much initial hoopla and decent sales at the outset, Fiero was quickly faulted for modest performance from its inline-4 and rudimentary suspension, which went against its racy looks.  Those early cars also developed a reputation for bursting into flames because of fuel leaks, a particularly nasty habit since the plastic-composite body fed the resulting blaze

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Much-improved, V6-powered Fiero GT

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