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Flathead V-8-Powered 1954 Ford Customline

What’s this? A 1954 Ford with a flathead V-8 instead of a Y-block? How can this be? Though Ford discontinued its famed flathead V-8 for the 1954 model year, Canadian-built cars continued with it until the 1955s came out. This handsomely hued Customline Tudor, a mid-range model, was actually built in Canada. So, this car is doubly historic as it represents the final year of the first-generation Customline trim level at Ford, and the final year of flathead production in Canada. Color schemes don’t say “Fifties” more loudly than coral and white, and this Ford’s got them. The seller of this trim Tudor says she’s never driven it in foul weather during her period of ownership, which dates to 2015


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Flathead V-8-Powered 1954 Ford Customline

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