The Car Stuff Podcast is Back, but…

The Car Stuff Podcast is Back, but…

One of my all time favourite podcasts was/is the Car Stuff Podcast from How Stuff Works.

It was hosted by Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin as a very entertaining two hander with some great content. Then suddenly it was gone with no real reasoning behind the decision. Now the podcast has reappeared with Scott as a solo presenter.

Scott as always does a fine job, but it’s really missing the interplay with Ben, hopefully he’ll be back?

The current episode is on Golf Cart Communities


You might be surprised to learn that the first golf cart community in the U.S. was set-up in 1960 in Sun City, Arizona. A lot has changed since then, but golf cart communities are still popping-up all over the country – especially in the south – and more and more cities are allowing golf carts access to the city streets. Listen in to find out what it takes to make a golf cart street-legal and learn the differences between golf carts and low-speed vehicles (LSVs). Listen here


The Car Stuff Podcast is Back, but…

You can find the Car Stuff Podcast page here

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