SEMA files lawsuit against NHTSA over failure to implement replica car rules – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


At least one carmaker that had planned to build turnkey replica vehicles under the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act has already thrown in the towel due to inaction from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and now the Specialty Equipment Market Association has made good on its threat to sue the federal agency to spur it into action.

“There’s been no accountability” from the NHTSA, said Stuart Gosswein, SEMA’s senior director of Federal Government Affairs. “They’ve said they were close to a proposed rule, but we’ve seen not a shred of it from them.”

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal appellate court, asks the court to compel the NHTSA to issue replica car guidelines that, under the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, were supposed to have been submitted in December 2016.

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