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Splitting Wishbones for a Dropped Axle

In our ongoing series dedicated to resurrecting one 1936 Ford Phaeton (which admittedly has a 1935 body and frame with 1936 front sheetmetal) we have stayed the course of keeping things simple. How simple? Well, we decided to build the car without removing the body. It seems the body has never been separated from the frame and far be it from us to break an 83-year bond. We converted the rear to an open 9-inch Ford with leaf springs, hopped up the 59AB Flathead, and adapted an S-10 five-speed to the motor. Now it was time to attach the front suspension, and in keeping with the simple approach we opted to use one of Super Bell’s new forged, 4-inch dropped axles.


Suspension decisions are a critical part of building any hot rod and we gave ample thought before deciding the buggy spring and bones would work just fine for us. First thought was theme. This car is going to be a very traditional, late-’50s tub with Flathead motor between the rails. This seemed to call for a straight axle suspension. The next consideration was performance. Yes, IFS (independent front suspension) will out- perform a straight axle in ride and handling, and disc brakes are most certainly superior to their drum counterparts

Splitting Wishbones for a Dropped Axle

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