Dodge celebrates Challenger’s 50th birthday with ‘Gold School’ option – Larry Edsall


Flexing its muscles, Dodge describes the coupe as ’50 years and zero chance of growing up’

Challenger’s 50th birthday

Ford had its Mustang and Mercury its Cougar. Chevrolet had the Camaro and Pontiac the Firebird. American Motors doubled up with the Javelin and AMX. Why, even Plymouth had the Barracuda.

But until 1970, Dodge had nothing to compete in the pony car category that had become so popular with the Baby Boomers who were just getting their driving licenses and were causing a generational shift in the American automotive marketplace.

But with Chrysler redoing its E-body chassis for the 1970 model year, Dodge finally would have its own challenger in the pony car category, a vehicle quite aptly named the Challenger


Challenger’s 50th birthday

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