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Did Ford offer a coupe with beds in 1935?

Reader Joey Crosslin wrote in with the above photo. He said “I recently found a photo of my father’s first car. He passed away a while back. It appears to look like a ’35 Ford coupe with a rumble seat but not exactly sure. Can you can identify what model it was? A couple people told me there was a model that folded down so someone could sleep in it.”

Well, to start with, we are certain this is indeed a 1935 Ford. Specifically it’s a Model 48 (as were all U.S.-built ’35 Fords) five-window standard coupe. Five-window coupes have two windows on each side, whereas three-window coupes have only one large window on each side. We know this isn’t a De Luxe because the windshield frame and grille are painted rather than being bright metal. The rumble seat was an extra-cost option, though we can’t really tell from the photo if there was one installed on this car.

1937 Nash brochure featuring the “distinctive Nash bed-arrangement” which was to become a hallmark of Nash and AMC memories and the butt of too many drive-in movie jokes.

Did Ford offer a coupe with beds in 1935?

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