GNRS 2020 – The Battle For The Slonaker Moniker – Dave Cruikshank @RodAuthority

GNRS 2020 – The Battle For The Slonaker Moniker – Dave Cruikshank @RodAuthority


The big news at the Grand National Roadster Show this year was the rejuvenation of the Al Slonaker Memorial Award. The award is dedicated to the memory of Al and Mary Slonaker, who founded the Grand National Roadster Show in 1949. The Slonaker award is presented to the best non-roadster vehicle at the show each year since 1974. This year, Rod Shows elevated the Slonaker award to the same importance as the AMBR award with a matching $12,500 prize purse thanks to award sponsor ARP. 

The idea of a revamped Slonaker award was for it to achieve parity with AMBR and create a space for almost anything with four wheels to compete for a granddaddy award. One look at the diversity of the cars in this year’s competition shows the goal was largely achieved. Let’s take a look at all the cars that battled it out for the award. Go here for full AMBR coverage. 

Rod Authority was on the ground and we bring you a look at all the Slonaker contenders for 2020.  The winner of this year’s prize is now the big cheese in the custom car world. Take a look!

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