Positively Upstate: Students learn to remodel Model A Fords

They may not be old enough to drive but they definitely know a thing or two about old cars! A local group is looking for new students to come and learn to restore and build Model A Fords. It’s called the Adirondack A’s Youth Restoration Program.


“We’re not trying to make mechanics or make these young people body men. If they want to do that we’ll point them in the right direction,” Program Director Hank Ashton explains.

Article with a video here

Ashton says it’s about the bigger picture and teaching the students life skills and problem-solving techniques they can use down the road.


“They’re not going to be afraid to meet new people in college. They’re not going to be afraid to take on some project they know nothing about. Because they’ve already been there and they’ve done it with us,” he says.

The program itself is hands-on work and takes young people through every aspect of Model A restoration including rebuilding the engine, transmission, brakes, steering and body work

More information at the Adirondack A’s  website here 



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