Tweed jacket optional: 2020 Mustang Bullitt Edition is cool – Sean Smith

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Icons need celebration. That’s just what Ford Motor Company has done this year with its 2020 Mustang Bullitt Edition. The Highland Green car is a tribute to the iconic original and its driver, Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt, giving chase through San Francisco in one of the greatest car scenes in silver-screen history.


Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow belts out, “Like Steve McQueen all we need’s a fast machine and we’re going to make it all right. Like Steve McQueen underneath your radar screen you’ll never catch us tonight!”

The famed movie “hero” car just crossed the Mecum Auctions block in Kissimmee, Florida, where it sold for $3.4 million — the most ever paid at auction for a Mustang. If that winning bid was too rich for your blood, no worries, have we a car for you.

The original ’68 Mustang was purchased by Warner Brothers Studios and handed over to Max Balchowsky (of Old Yeller fame) to get it ready to chase the baddies around the Bay. Engine and suspension work were done, along with removing all exterior badging; the car was scuffed up a bit to give the Mustang a bit more of a cop’s daily driver look, but with a heavy dose of cool.

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