Meet the reel stars of ‘Ford v Ferrari’ – Larry Edsall

Meet the reel stars of ‘Ford v Ferrari’ – Larry Edsall


No, not Christian Bale and Matt Damon, but driving specialists Robert Nagle and Tony Hunt

A Ford GT40 like those used in the ‘Ford v Ferrari’ movie was parked in front of the screen showing the trailer at the Shelby Heritage Center when ‘The Perfect Lap’ tour visited Las Vegas | Larry Edsall photo

Asked to identify the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Ford v Ferrari, you’d likely respond with the names Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Indeed, they were the A-list movie stars who played the two leading roles, Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby, respectively.

Stunt coordinator Roger Nagle and Tony Hunt, stunt driver for Christian Bale (and wearing blue Ford racing jacket), sign posters during The Perfect Lap visit to the Shelby Heritage Center in Las Vegas | Twentieth Century Fox photo

But when it comes to the “reel stars” of the movie, at least from an auto racing perspective, the correct answers are Robert Nagle and Tony Hunt.

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