A Colorado Ford Dealership Totaled This Guys Supercharged Mustang GT – Shane McGlaun @FordAuthority

Stupid things happen at auto dealerships all the time. Sometimes it feels like they’re trying to take us for more money than repairs cost, other times they’re slapping thousands of dollars onto sticker prices for cars enthusiasts want to purchase. One guy purchased a new Mustang from Loveland Ford in Colorado and decided to have them install a supercharger. The owner the supercharged Mustang GT says after the supercharger was installed, the mechanic’s apprentice and his friend took the car out “to see what it would do.”


The dealership offered to pay for the car and any aftermarket parts that had been added, which we assumed to mean the supercharger. Grage also reportedly purchased another Mustang from the same dealership. He says that there had been some reports that he got a free car out of the deal, but that is untrue. He paid for the Shelby and the dealership apparently only paid for the aftermarket parts and took care of the loan on the car they had totaled out. He does say that the dealership reimbursed him for the service contract and gap insurance he had paid for

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