Discovering a dusty old classic pickup truck in a barn is a treasure hunter’s greatest dream. Here are some of the dustiest and best truck finds.

Barn hunters always seem to find the coolest buried treasure. In the car world, there isn’t anything much better than coming across a vintage, classic pickup truck, and then owning it. You can restore it, flip it, modify it, auction it—the possibilities are endless.

But first you have to find the trucks. Every year publications let us know of the year’s greatest barn finds—the Baillon Collection from France, which uncovered $20-million-plus worth of cars a few years ago, being just one example.

We’re waiting for an epic find like Baillon to reach vintage trucks, but until then, feast your eyes on these 15 individual, dusty, classic pickups—all of them made during the ‘60s or before. Some of them were modified, some were parked in the barns for decades and never touched, but all of them make a barn hunter’s life extra exciting when they’re discovered.

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