California Valet Crashes Ford Mustang Into A Home – Shane McGlaun @FordAuthority

Rdwine-Mustang-Crash-001-1152x643-1Many people who go to restaurants or other facilities that have valet services have a well-deserved distrust of the valet. We’ve all heard too many instances of items from vehicles being stolen or the vehicles being taken on a joyride. We’re not sure how the valet in this incidence managed to crash a Ford Mustang into someone’s home.

The accident happened this week in West Hollywood, California, and all authorities have said about the accident at this time is that a valet accidentally crashed the vehicle into a structure. The accident happened in the 8700 block of Rosewood Ave. in West Hollywood. A video taken from the scene shows a late-model Ford Mustang that crashed through the entryway of the home knocking down one of the support pillars for the front porch

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