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There are automotive artists that I find fascinating for their futuristic vision of what might be or in their stylings and designs which capture speed, motion, color and seemingly more than I can see and appreciate with my normal eyes.  We’ve covered Howard “Dutch” Darrin quite a bit on our website and another of my favorites – Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky.  But one I’ve not shared before is Arthur Radebaugh.  In passing conversation with friend and automotive historian this week, Bob Cunningham, I learned that he’s a great admirer of Radebaugh’s work too.

Bob was kind enough to put together an article for us which showcases some of Radebaugh’s artistic skill and his history and background.  He’s also shared quite a few images, and I’ve placed all of these images in a new area of our website which contains historical archives.  I’ll share a link to this area at the end of today’s story.  Thanks to Bob for sharing today so without delay, take it away Mr. Cunningham 🙂

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