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For 50 years, this organization has researched and promoted the understanding of automotive history


Automotive history has been written every single day since the first person dreamed of a vehicle that moved under its own power. Much of that history would have gone by, unrecognized, unrecorded, and never shared, had it not been for efforts by members of the Society of Automotive Historians. That group, now 800 strong and this year celebrating its founding a half-century ago, is owed a nearly unimaginable debt, for its collective work has enabled the very magazine you’re reading right now, and every other serious automotive publication that has informed and entertained readers for the past six decades or more.
Let’s travel to that world-famous classic-car destination of Hershey, specifically to the Antique Automobile Club of America’s annual Fall Meet. Since the mid- 1950s, this Pennsylvania town has been a gathering place for hobby diehards, and, in October 1969, it became the nucleus for this country’s most dedicated automotive historians; this was where the Society of Automotive Historians—SAH, for short— was officially formed, and where the group returns every year

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