B.R. “Woody” Woodill’s Last Wildfire – Part 1 – Geoffrey Hacker @UndiscoveredClassics

There’s so much good information to be had in vintage magazines – but the articles are just the tip of the iceberg.  Crucial information is often found in the editorials – like the editorial we found in the November, 1951 issue of Motor Trend Magazine.  In this issue, the editor, Walt Woron, recognized that styling ideas from Detroit were coming from California customs, sport customs and hot rods – and this was 1951 – and Detroit confirmed this.  A quote from his article shares,


It has been freely admitted by top Detroit automotive designers that many innovations on production cars are the result of watching the developments of these enthusiasts who build their own custom cars, sports cars and hot rods.”

This editorial is fascinating because it confirms that innovation, style and design ideas were coming from southern California and this was the very place that fiberglass sports cars debuted in late 1951.

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