The History Behind Ford’s F-Series Trucks – Chris Flynn @HotCars

The History Behind Ford’s F-Series Trucks – Chris Flynn @HotCars


While the F- Series officially debuted in 1948, the concept was already set in motion back in 1925 with a rudimentary truck Model T.T. based on the Ford Model T. This factory-assembled truck had a longer wheelbase and a heavier frame than Model T. It was replaced by subsequent Ford Model A.A. and B.B.

Prior to the Second World War, Ford’s Model 50 was a restyled pickup truck, with its notable shifting of the spare tire from the front fender to the bedside. The body boasted a curved roofline and styled grille. It was powered by a flathead V8 that developed a small 85 horsepower.

Ford’s Model 50 production halted in 1941, and after the war, Ford officially dubbed its new pickup line as “F-Series Bonus Built Line” in January 1948. The comprehensive line-up covered trucks from 1/2-ton-rated pickup models to three-ton-rated F-8. In 1951, Ford reworked its first-generation series with modified front fenders, grille, dashboard etc.

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