Full set of Allegheny Ludlum stainless steel-bodied Fords put up for sale by the company that built them – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


For decades, Allegheny Ludlum and its successor company have held on to the bulk of the 11 stainless-bodied Ford products that resulted from three different collaborations between the two companies. A source of pride for the company and for the Pittsburgh region in general, it seemed that the cars would forever remain in possession of the specialty metals company. However, in the face of a tough economic climate, Allegheny has decided to sell three of the cars, apparently the first time a complete set of the stainless Fords has ever hit the market.
“We didn’t make the decision lightly,” said Natalie Gillespie, a spokeswoman for Allegheny Technologies Inc. “But we decided it’s only appropriate to utilize every lever we have…as we’re faced with this extraordinary economic challenge.”
Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Allegheny started out 2020 downsizing its salaried workforce “to align cost structures to demand levels,” according to its first-quarter shareholders report. With sales down five percent year-over-year and with tougher times ahead due to the pandemic, the company has temporarily idled some of its facilities, cut executive pay by 20 percent, furloughed non-essential workers, and made various other cuts in expenses.
While it didn’t seem like the five stainless Fords that Allegheny had held onto until just recently cost much to keep around – they’d been relegated in recent years from regular parade duty to the occasional car show and recruiting fair – the cars also weren’t doing much for the company’s bottom line. After all, most of its business these days comes from the aerospace, defense, and energy sectors with automotive sales accounting for just 7 percent of its business.

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