Filling in the blanks of automotive history with 3D modeler Dan Palatnik – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


A frustrating number of blanks keep turning up the deeper one gets into automotive history. Fuzzy photos and half-heard tales leave our understanding of certain brands and models and one-offs incomplete. Automotive historians pore over original source material to fill in some of those blanks; pickers sift through dusty and rusty piles of parts to fill in others; but many remain for the imagination to color in and embroider – or for Dan Palatnik to envision.
No doubt you’ve seen Dan’s work at some point while browsing the Internet. His 3D renderings depict a wide range of vehicles, from Russian diplomat cars to American chromemobiles to tiny European sports cars. We’ve even featured his cars here once or twice some years back. Dan’s renderings look tantalizingly real, detailed down to the full interiors and individual wheel cover fins. Indeed, many of the renderings depict cars that one might traipse across at the local cars and coffee or cruise-in.


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