1937 Ford Rat Rod Looks so Beat Down It’s Almost Elegant – Daniel Patrascu @AutoEvolution

Nothing in the world spells rat rod better than the Fords of old. Provided you can get your hands on something from before the war, which has been sitting around unattended for years, and have enough talent to make something ugly look good, then you might have a winner project on your hands.


A custom shop from Florida by the name of Smash Customs did just that, and being gifted with the tools and imagination to make it work, turned a 1937 Ford Phaeton into a rat rod to die for.

Known to its fans as the Rat, the car is currently selling, just like you see it in the gallery above: a beat down exterior, with holes and rust put there by the 30 years it spent in a barn somewhere and strategically kept by the builders.

But as it often is the case with rat rods, the exterior look is deceit in its purest form. A lot of work went into making the aging form of the car a force to be reckoned with, but that was mostly done to the hardware we cannot see.

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